What does it take to become an electrician

What Does It Take To Be An Electrician?

Considering a career change? Fresh out of High School looking for a rewarding vocation? Becoming a licensed journeyman is not only rewarding monetarily but emotionally. Electricians are a vital part of our communities. Long gone are the days of DIY electrical, and for good reason. Journeymen not only protect the families inside the home but the whole neighborhood. In the past, there have been some bad electrical practices by the public. There is a great need for qualified electricians to bring community electricity to a safe place.

But what kind of training is required to become a licensed journeyman? In this post, you’ll find the steps to becoming a licensed electrician in Oklahoma.

Step 1: Electrician’s Apprentice

Your first step is to become an Electrician’s Apprentice. In order to become an apprentice, you must first register with the state. You’ll need to already be working with a licensed electrical contractor in order to have your paperwork signed off on. Once the proper paperwork has been filed, you’ve received your Apprentice Registration card, and your Licensed Electrical contractor has signed for it you can now begin your apprenticeship your working hours will count towards your journeyman training. Therefore, you MUST work with a licensed electrical contractor.

Step 2: Residential Journeyman License

In order to become a Residential Licensed Journeyman, you must have completed 4,000 verifiable hours of electrical work as an apprentice under the direct supervision of a licensed journeyman. If you wanted to save a little bit of time you could take some classes. Classes can account for 1,000 hours. Education must be verified for the hours to count.

After that, you may take the Residential Journeyman exam. Upon passing that exam you will be a licensed Residential Electrical Journeyman.

Step 3: Unlimited Electrical Journeyman

In order to become an Unlimited Electrical Journeyman, you must work 8,000 verifiable hours of electrical construction. 4,000 of that MUST be commercial work. You can take classes and 2,000 hours will be counted towards your 8,000 hours. After completing the time required you may now take the Unlimited Journeyman exam.

Licensed electricians have put in the time and effort to perform their work. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a licensed journeyman you should take our survey, we would love to consider you for an apprenticeship here at Passion Electric.

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