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Electrical Services in Moore, Norman and Oklahoma City metro area

Passion Electric in the central Oklahoma area specializes in electrical services that encompass installation, remodeling, and repairing of electrical components. We believe in doing it right every time with our tailored electrical solutions. We have a team of certified electricians to work on everything from tripping breakers to indoor lighting solutions.

Charging Station

Install electric car charging station

The number of electric car owners will continue to grow. We are geared to meet these demands for charging station installation with our certified and well-trained staff.

Our technicians work on the initial audit of electric throughput in your home to provide the best-suited solutions. If your home isn’t ready to take up an additional outlet, we upgrade service panels at the lowest price possible. So, let us handle electric work so you enjoy your new eco-friendly transport.

Home Rewire

Home Rewire

When your home needs rewiring, look no further than Passion Electric. We are your go-to service to rewire a house at minimum cost. Our experts conduct a meticulous inspection of your home to suggest the best solutions.

Don’t let an improper or insufficient wiring impede safety of your home. Let us handle this complicated mesh to ensure a proper installation and house rewiring in compliance with local building codes.

Service Panel Upgrade

Service Panel Upgrade

When you need electrical systems to hold more circuitry in your home, ask us for the lowest quote. We keep your home powered safely and efficiently with our professional service panel upgrade solutions.

Our licensed electricians pay a visit to your home for assessing exact number of amperes you want for meter socket and wire electric panel upgrades. We pay attention to every detail, and we have the experience to deal with blown fuses, heated breaker switches, and flickering lights using our skills, efficiency, and expertise.


generator installs

We encounter extreme weather on a regular basis here in Oklahoma. From ice storms to tornadoes and just about everything in between, power outages are a threat many months of every year. Home generator installation is a way to protect your home and your family during inclement weather.

They can save you the cost of food loss and hotel rooms, among other expenses, and the dollars add up quickly. Not to mention the stress that comes along with finding a hot shower and getting meals when you can’t cook at home. Storm protection generators are either stationary or portable and run on a variety of fuels including, gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane.

Full Home Rewiring

Surge protection

If your house is unprotected from power surges, you potentially incur thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your electrical device. All it takes is just one faulty thunderstorm or higher than nominal line voltage to damage your appliances and electronics. So surge protection is a must!

Studies suggest that over 60% of all electrical surges are caused from within the home. Most times, these surges occur when motor devices such as air conditioners, refrigerators, hair dryers, and even light switches shut off. Our electrician will work with you to ensure that your grounding system meets the proper standards to protect your home from dangerous power surges.

Switch Outlet

Install and repair outlets and switches

In most households, light switches and outlets are constantly being used throughout the day. In our experience, people are unaware that light switches and outlets usually cause the most wear and tear to electrical systems. Homes actually get increasingly weaker each time a device gets plugged in or unplugged.

Besides being a nuisance when you want your devices to work, faulty switches and outlets can potentially become serious fire hazards when left unchecked. That’s why our experienced electricians are trained to repair and/or install dependable electrical outlets and switches that meet the current code and safety requirements around your home.

Lighting Installation & Repair

Installation and Lighting Repair

Create an instant transformation in your home with flawless lighting installation solutions provided by our experts. Lighting is something that you needn’t attempt on your own, given its technical aspect. Allow us to inspect your home and install lights that enrich its true splendor.

Lighting, when installed properly, can really help a room stand out. Whether it’s a ceiling fan, chandelier hanging in a living room or just recessed lighting hanging above the kitchen island, the feel of room changes and becomes more warm, inviting and relaxing.

Service Panel Upgrade

electrical inspections

The electrical system of your home is by far the most intricate component of the house that you never see unless you have superpowers and can see behind walls! Nevertheless, electrical inspections stop electrical problems. These issues can be scary, unexpected, hazardous, and fairly expensive at times. But these problems can easily be avoided with routine home inspections from the right team.

At Passion Electric, our electricians are experienced and educated enough to recognize even most minute problem within your electrical system. You can always rely on Passion Electric to get the home electrical inspection done right with 100% satisfaction and peace of mind.

Ceiling Fan Installation Services

When it gets hot outside, you want a ceiling fan to keep it cool in your home. It adds a decorative appeal to your room and enhances air circulation with a properly installed ceiling fan. We have a team of experienced electricians to provide expert ceiling fan installation in your home in the shortest time possible.

While ceiling fans are used to improve airflow in the house, they also reduce energy costs during both summer and winter seasons. That means less money out of your pocket and more cool air circulating through your house. We highly recommend installing multiple ceiling fans in your home.

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