Outlet & Switch Replacement

Outlet & Switch Replacement

A broken or faulty switch can be hazardous to your home. Do not handle outlet failures on your own. There’s a complicated mesh of wires to deal with. Let our experts offer their help to replace the electrical outlet in adherence to local codes. Passion Electric brings hands-on experience and profound knowledge for an upgrade of faulty outlets in Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, and the central Oklahoma area.

It’s easy to ignore the defects in your outlets and switches. You don’t need it until you need it. However, your outlets entail a complex network of wiring behind the walls and a broken or faulty switch can crackle up if you plug it or trip the circuit breaker.

When To Replace Your Electrical Switches?

Outlet failure is most common due to heavy wear and tear. Sometimes there are too many devices plugged into the outlet. Other times, there may be wiring issues within the circuit. Or simply because you’ve plugged in the wrong device to your wiring. You will know when to call in the professionals if:

  •    A switch breaks down completely.
  •    The outlet doesn’t hold a plug.
  •    The screws, faceplate, or any component of the outlet or switch gives a shock on touching.
  •    Circuit breakers trip repeatedly when using a particular outlet.

Specialized GFCI Inspection and Replacement

The ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) or ground fault receptacles prevent the hazards of wire circuit interruptions. They instantly shut off the current flowing from outlets if excess moisture or heat is detected. To identify and manage such imbalances of current flowing through neutral/hot conductors within the electric circuits – seek Passion Electric ’s expert service for switch replacement. Whether for installation or repair of receptacles we got it all covered for you.

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Calling a Professional is Wise

It is wise to choose from certified and licensed electricians who can handle complex electrical installations in your home. At Passion Electric, we not only get this job done safely but also comply with state building codes. You can trust our hands-on experience and ability to handle your outlet and switch repair.

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