3 panel brands that need an upgrade

3 Electrical Panel Brands That NEED An Upgrade

Do you need a Panel Upgrade?

Your panel is obviously an important part of a healthy home wiring. If you’re not for sure if your panel is safe you need to have a licensed electrician come and take a look at it. Here are three Panel brands that will most likely need an upgrade.

What does an Electrical Panel actually do?

The breaker panel (or electrical service panel) is where all of your home’s breakers are located. Each of these breakers is designed to flip on and off. If a circuit in your house gets overloaded the breaker connected to that circuit will flip. For instance, if you have a space heater and a vacuum cleaner on the same outlet it might be too much power going through that circuit; so that the outlet doesn’t burn up your breaker will flip to protect your home.

Electrical Panel Upgrades - electrician checking for breaker overload

1. Zinsco Electrical Panel

We don’t see many of these panels. But at one point they were a very popular brand. These panels would allow wires to heat up and melt causing quite a few problems. If you have one of these panels you’ll definitely want to get it replaced.

2. Sylvania Electrical Panel

Sylvania panels were produced by Zinsco, and they have many of the same problems with overheating the wires. Because of this, these panels are considered very unsafe, and many insurance companies will NOT insure your home until you get a panel upgrade.

3. Federal Pacific Electrical Panel

Probably the most notorious of all bad panels is the Federal Pacific. We see these panels all the time; they cause real problems and can cause fires in homes. If you have one of these panels, you’ll want to get it replaced ASAP.

Panel Upgrade

If you need a panel upgrade our licensed electricians can safely remove and replace your panel. They can also do an inspection on your panel if you’re just unsure about its age or safety. We can perform maintenance on your panel even if you don’t need a full replacement.

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