Home Electrical Inspections

Home Electrical Inspection

Passion Electric provides exhaustive and detailed home electrical inspection that covers outdated wirings, faulty switches, smoke alarms, and risk assessment of the entire building. We are the most trusted electrical company in the central Oklahoma area offering solutions that suit your home’s electrical needs.

A home electrical system comprises various intricate components such as the panel, its breakers, wires, circuits, switches, fuses, and hooked appliances. Any major issues with these components may turn potentially hazardous or expensive. But, with the most qualified team of electricians of Passion Electric by your side,  you can easily mitigate these risks.

What Entails an Electrical Inspection?

With a comprehensive electrical inspection, you can avoid any potential damages to your home’s wiring and electrical components. Following inspections are recommended to safeguard you and your family:

  •    Electrical assessments to determine potential hazards.
  •    Checking exposed, outdated, or uncovered wiring.
  •    Examining electrical boxes, power points, and safety switches.
  •    Assessment of smoke alarms and their conditions.
  •    Scanning the electrical components that aren’t compliant with local regulations.
  •    Conducting a risk assessment inspection for insurance.

When Do You Need a Home Electrical Inspection?

It can be tricky to assess when you may exactly need electrical inspections. There are some certain conditions when they do become imperative.

For example, prior to buying a home an inspection helps identify dangerous situations. Findings from this can be included in the property inspection reports. Next, an electrical inspection becomes essential if you experience regular power outages, tripped circuit breakers, or power surges in your home.

You should also get the inspections done after a natural disaster strikes. An inspection can keep your home safe in a lead up to any natural events like storms or floods.

Home Electrical Inspections

How Can Passion Electric Help?

At Passion Electric, we guarantee detailed electrical inspections and the highest standards of workmanship for your 100% satisfaction. We offer competitive pricing and unparalleled service quality ensured by our certified electricians.

Our services are simple and straightforward. We cater to individual home requirements and provide up-to-date reports for all services undertaken. You can call us any time of the day or night; we are always here to help.

For any queries, get in touch with our electrical experts! Look at the electrician reviews from our many satisfied customers! For any questions about our service speak to our experts today!

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