House Rewiring

House Rewiring: Whole Home Rewire

At Passion Electric, we are a full-service electrical company in central Oklahoma serving homes in Norman, Moore and Oklahoma City that need upgrades and whole rewiring. Our highly experienced electricians ensure unparalleled house rewiring in old and new properties. We rewire a house in compliance with specific guidelines and building codes so you enjoy complete peace of mind.

Wiring is one of the most important components of a home electrical system. Apart from being complicated, in case of trouble, it can be extremely dangerous to handle.

Reasons for a Complete Rewiring In Your Home

In case of damage, any type of wiring can be hazardous. The most common causes for damages include rodent attack, water exposure, and overheating of the wires.

Sometimes, a home electrical inspection may uncover knob and tube wiring or an aluminum circuit in your home. This can be due to an outdated system that needs immediate replacement.

Consider complete rewiring of your home to enhance its safety and service capabilities. A new wiring system will not only improve efficiency but also reduce the risk of electric shocks or fire. It increased the valuation of your home and makes it compliant with the specified code. Your electrical appliances will also work reliably if you have sufficient wiring to accommodate their needs.

Rewiring a house and Why Shouldn’t You Do It On Your Own

If you are attempting DIY rewiring for your home, you should be aware of the risks. A faulty wire can cause serious injury if you don’t get it right. Moreover, an insurance company may not ensure a property installed with DIY wiring.

Whole Home Rewiring: How Can We Help

When you need whole home rewiring, you can count on our expertise at Passion Electric. Our skilled electricians have vast experience in installing new wiring in both, new and old properties. We are licensed to complete every project with precision. All local codes and specific standards are followed for rewiring projects.

For any queries, get in touch with our electrical experts! Look at the electrician reviews from our many satisfied customers! If you need more information, speak to one of our experts right away!

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