Ceiling Fan Installation

Why Install a Ceiling Fan?

Fight sweltering summer heat and enjoy warmth in cold season with expert ceiling fan installation offered by Passion Electric. In Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City and the central Oklahoma metro area, we are the most trusted electrical company for installation, repair, and maintenance of ceiling fans. It helps you save more on your utility bills without sweating it out during hot months.

A brand-new ceiling fan is all you need to beat the summer heat. The direct airflow means you stay comfortable without the need for much power.


ceiling fan installation

With many choices in blade-shape, and wood or metal finish, a ceiling fan adds an extra layer of personality to your room.  Fans with a reverse setting let them pull down warm air during colder months. You’d be surprised to know that a ceiling fan uses only as much power as used by a 100-watt light bulb. That’s great savings and year-round versatility!

Ceiling Fan Installation Shouldn't Be Done Alone.

Simply because it’s difficult to undertake such a project if you’re not a skilled electrician, so to say.

  • First, you’d be working against gravity and are prone to accidents where you risk falling or dropping the fan.
  • Second, ceiling fans can be big and awkward and you need a special balancing act to install it the right way.
  • Third, there is just too much wiring and electrical danger if you haven’t done anything like this before.

Leave Ceiling Fan Installation to the Experts.

professional electrical service lets you sit back and relax while we do all the hard work.  At Passion Electric, we ensure a fast and effective installation that can shave off hours of your precious time. We get it right the first time. Our comprehensive electrical services include:

  •    Wiring of the ceiling fan
  •    Preparing the junction box
  •    Fitting the fan safely to the beam
  •    Installing the fan controls
  •    Checking and testing the fan after fixing

We are fully equipped to deal with the fan’s weight, the height of the installation, and faulty wiring to name a few. But, when you rely on us our team will inspect and install the fan, exactly as you’d prefer.

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