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Passion Electric was founded in 2014. We are locally owned and operated; our focus is on extraordinary customer service and attention to detail and we strive to meet these objectives on EVERY job. As one of the most trusted Oklahoma City electrical companies, we can meet all of your electrical needs, residential or commercial. Our mission statement and our business model revolves around three basic objectives: visibility, credibility, and profitability.

This focus has allowed us to obtain an Oklahoma City and surrounding area client list with thousands of satisfied electrical services customers since 2014. We have built this company with a core team of electricians, who all work together to put the customer’s satisfaction first. We started small and have managed to grow very fast in a short time utilizing our excellent expertise and customer service.

Bo Johnson - Journeyman Electrician at Passion Electric

Bo Johnson

Hello, I’m Bo Johnson and I founded Passion Electric in 2014. After working as an electrician for over ten years, I decided to start my own company… one that is focused on people over profits. What sets Passion Electric, as the best Oklahoma city electrician company, apart is our dedication to our employees and our clients. I believe that a positive working environment makes for happy employees and happy employees do great work for our clients.

I work hard to find the right electricians to represent our company. I’m proud that our electricians are not just excellent at their jobs, but they’re amazing people too. We’re family-focused and faith-based. I feel it’s important that you trust the technicians who enter your home so I do the screening for you. We’re honored our clients choose us and work hard to exceed their expectations.

Shevon Blair - About Passion Electric

Shevon Blair


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