Weather Damage Electric Problems

Weather Damage Electrical Problems

There are many ways your electrical system can be damaged by weather. Most weather damage is serious and needs IMMEDIATE repair. Sometimes your damage will not interrupt your service. You may have power and it might be working “like it always did” but it could be dangerous. After a storm, there are some things you should look for. Here are a few electrical problems you shouldn’t ignore.

Bent Electrical Mast Or Damaged Weather Head

A tree limb has fallen on the electric wires leading to your house. You still have electricity, but the pole has been bent. This is something you shouldn’t ignore. You need a licensed electrician to come and repair the damage. This mast is essential to the safety of your electrical system. It keeps power cords from touching the ground and people from touching the power cords. If any of the wires in the mast have been damaged it is a fire risk, as it connects directly to the service panel. Don’t overlook this weather damage that is there.

Electrical Problems - Storm damage

Water Damaged Outlets

Have you ever walked into your garage after bad weather and found it completely flooded? There’s so much damage from water that you may not think about, but you need to make sure that the outlets in your garage are safe and functioning well. Faulty outlets are one of the major fire risks in any home. If you see burn marks on, feel the heat from, or smell burning from your outlets they need immediate attention.

Light Fixtures or Other Electrical Problems in Your House

There are a million things a storm can damage or remove on the exterior of our houses. So if your porch light gets damaged, your shed’s power gets disconnected or any external electrical gets damaged it is imperative that it is repaired promptly.

There are a lot of ways weather can harm your electrical system. Be vigilant on repairs and don’t ignore any sort of damage no matter how small. Also, You can also be prepared for the storms by having a whole home generator installed.

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