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Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Electrician

Permits and inspections

One reason to hire an electrician that you probably haven’t thought about is for permits and inspections. You might think permits and inspections aren’t important. They are, however, hugely important. In many scenarios electrical providers won’t turn your power on unless you’ve had an inspection and had permits pulled. When your power gets cut off, you will need a licensed electrician to fix the problem. Then you’ll need an electrical contractor to pull permits and schedule inspections. Most cities won’t let anyone except qualified electricians do the work or file the paperwork to get your power back on.

Electricians have knowledge and experience you don’t

Electricians must have years of training and on the job experience to get their license. They must know the ins and outs of codes and regulations for the cities and states they work in. While you might think your job is simple and you don’t need an expert. But the reality is every electrical project needs the know how only an electrician can provide.

Almost All Electrical Work Is Dangerous

You might have watched your dad, or an unlicensed handyman install an outlet or light fixture, seems easy. Except, most house fires are started by these “simple installations”. Improper installations can cause a host of dangers for your home’s electrical safety. 

Hire an Electrician

Save Money, Hire an Electrician

The call came in. A young couple had hired an “electrician” who wasn’t licensed, insured, or bonded. He got halfway through a full rewire of a house and a city inspection dropped in unannounced. This poor couple had already paid thousands of dollars and already spent weeks waiting for the project to be completed. But now they found out they would need to spend thousands more to have it started from scratch… again. Electricians seem expensive, but you really can’t afford to get electrical work done without one.

Peace of Mind

What we all want when it comes to our house and electricity is peace of mind. The only way to truly get peace of mind is to hire a licensed, qualified, and experienced electrician.

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