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Moore Oklahoma Electrician | Passion ElectricElectrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma

On-Time and On-Budget

Passion Electric specializes in electrical services, installation, repairing, and remodeling of electrical components in Moore, Oklahoma. We take care of all your electrical needs inside and outside your home. Trust our certified electricians to follow all regulations for electrical services and systems.

Call us for a safe, professional, and efficient service today.

electrical services in Moore, Oklahoma

Install an Electric Car Charging StationElectrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Congratulations! You’ve made a sustainable choice with an electric car.

If you need to install an EV charging station at your house, we’ve got it covered.

As the number of electric car owners continues to rise, we’re ready to meet your demand with our trained and certified team.

Our technicians will visit your home and audit the electric throughput to determine the best solutions. In case your home can’t handle the extra load, we can upgrade your service panels at affordable prices.

By installing an electric car charging station, you can gain savings, convenience, and comfort. Get ahead of the times with new and improved technologies.

Passion Electric is always by your side to help you make the transition.

“In data transmission, network throughput is the amount of data moved successfully from one place to another in a given time period, and typically measured in bits per second (bps), as in megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps).”


Electrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricHome Rewire

You might need your whole home rewired, when your original installation is old, causing it to be faulty or unsafe. Also, your existing wiring might not have the capacity to handle the stress of modern devices. Any insufficient or improper wiring can be a threat to the safety of your family and your home.

We understand that rewiring an inhibited house can be disruptive and thus, make the process as safe and quick as possible.

Our expert technicians conduct a thorough inspection and suggest the best solutions. We handle all the complications of wiring with utmost care and follow all safety standards and building codes. A well-executed rewiring might not be visible, but it’s a valuable investment.



Service Panel UpgradeElectrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Remodeling or major improvements around your home can demand more power. Even when you welcome smart gadgets, your electricity needs continue to rise. If you want your electrical system to hold more circuitry, we can offer the lowest quote. We can add new outlets to your walls, sub-panels for generators and more 240-volt circuits to reduce the stress on your electrical system.

A service panel upgrade is a great idea, for both, safety and strength to handle new devices. Our expert electricians will visit your home and assess the number of amperes you will need today, and in the future. We fix bad breaker boxes, flickering lights and rusted panels with ease. Call our certified technicians for all your upgrade requirements.


electrical services in Moore, Oklahoma


Electrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricGenerator Installation

Moore witnesses extreme weather conditions many times during a year. Right from ice storms to tornadoes, homeowners are often worried when it causes power failure. You need to find a hotel to live in, look for restaurants to feed your little ones, and not to mention, spend hundreds of dollars.

Instead, why not consider installing a home generator with the help of Passion Electric. Get through sudden power outages with complete peace of mind when you have the right high-performance generators. They protect your home and your family during tough weather conditions. Also, they are a great investment and save thousands of dollars in the long run. Choose from stationary or portable generators that run on diesel, gasoline, propane or natural gas and live stress-free!


Surge ProtectionElectrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

A power surge can follow a wire into a home and threaten your electronic equipment and appliances. In fact, 60% of electrical surges can occur within your home. When you shut off devices like hair dryers, air conditioners or refrigerators, you’re prone to surges. Unprotected homes can incur damage worth thousands of dollars. That’s why you should consider installing a home surge protection system.

Passion Electric’s team works with you to install a grounding system that meets safety standards. Our experts will discuss your requirements and suggest the right protector based on your needs and budgets. It protects your home from hazardous power surges and gives you complete peace of mind. It also adds value to your home if you decide to sell.


Electrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricInstall and Repair Outlets and Switches

Notice missing or broken cover plates? Is your outlet hot to touch? Do you have a teardrop-shaped outlet? There are all signs that you need to repair or replace your outlets and switches. We use lights switches and outlets every day, causing extensive wear and tear to our electrical systems.

Faulty switches and outlets can be a serious fire hazard when they go unnoticed. Likewise, they also cause a nuisance when you can’t use or charge your devices. Let us take away all your worries with our installation and repairs of electrical outlets and switches. Our certified electricians take care of all your needs and keep your home safe and secure. Choose dependable outlets and switches that meet the code and safety requirements around your home.


Installation and Lighting Repair Electrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Want to improve your home’s appeal? Consider upgrading your lighting for an affordable makeover. Call us for energy-efficient switches, under-cabinet lights, porch lights, and much more.

We support you in selecting the right lights and install them safely for you. Count on us for determining the cause of flickering lights. Let us add electrical connections for an outdoor seating. And choose our services for soft lighting in your bedrooms and bathrooms. We ensure complete energy-efficient solutions to reduce your monthly bills.



Electrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricElectrical Inspections

It’s easy to take electricity for granted. We use it every day without thinking about what’s happening behind the walls. Yet, you should remember that electrical systems can be dangerous. Keeping them safe and running is important to protect the functionality and safety of your home. By opting for electrical inspections from time to time, you can prevent fires and expensive repairs in your home.

Give us a call for a periodic inspection to recognize the smallest problems within your electrical system. Our specialists reveal overloaded circuits, find shock risks and identify defective electrical work. Furthermore, we can also highlight the lack of any grounding system and help you make the required changes.


Install and Repair Ceiling FansElectrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Ceiling fans are a multi-purpose product for most homes. They enhance air circulation, reduce energy costs, and offer comfort, style, and stunning lighting. Rather than installing the fan on your own, trust the professionals at Passion Electric for a safe and effective installation.

Our Moore, OK electricians can install fans of all shapes, sizes, and models in all your rooms. We can also offer ceiling fans with lights for added illumination benefits. If you have a broken fan or want to revamp an existing fan, our repairing services can be of great help. Ceiling fans offer year-round value to your home, so calling us will be a great decision!

electrical services in Moore, Oklahoma

Electrical Services in Moore, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

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