4 reasons to buy an electric vehicle

4 Reasons To Get An Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric vehicles (EV) have come a long way since their initial introduction. With companies like Tesla dominating the market and Volkswagen (the second largest car manufacturer in the world) releasing new Electric Vehicles every year, it seems like this fad may become the norm. Maybe you still need convincing. Well here are our top 4 reasons to make the switch.

Electric Vehicles Save Money

The EPA has estimated that EV owners will save about $900 a year. That’s substantial. Not to mention how much you won’t be spending on gas station burritos. Other things you’ll save money on will be things like maintenance. You don’t need an oil change with an EV.

The Selection has Never Been Better

There are new electric vehicles coming out all the time! A lot of these cars are really cool. Car nuts and enthusiasts can look on with pride at the beautiful new options. There have never been more choices than there are currently. You can have SUVs, Trucks, Small Cars, even Sports Cars. We’ll include a list of what we’re looking forward to when it comes to new designs.

Used EVs are Now Available

We’re finally getting to a place in society where we can buy used EVs. If you’re like me buying a new car is a big choice. Buying something used is often times less expensive and just as good. It’s nice to have EV as a used car option. They’re also reasonably priced.

The Range of Electric Vehicles is Growing

EVs are getting better and so are their batteries. In a time not so long ago there weren’t charging stations and the batteries could only last about 100 miles. But now there are charging stations everywhere and the newer models of EVs can drive almost 300 miles without needing a charge. I can only assume that it will only get better from here on out.

Our Top Picks for EVs to look out for:

  1. Rivian R1T and R1S – We’re excited to see both a truck and an SUV that look great and are Electric! Expect both in 2021
  2. Volkswagen ID. BUZZ – Releasing in 2022 This microbus is a hippies dream; fully electric microbus.
  3. Volkswagen ID.4 – Releasing by the end of 2020 This SUV looks pretty slick!
  4. Tesla Model X – Coming in 2021 this sleek SUV is all you ever wanted.

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