4 Most Common Electrical Needs

4 Most Common Electrical Needs

Your home has a lot of Electrical needs. Here are our top 4 needs that seem to go unaddressed in many homes.

Whole Home Surge Protector

You have a lot of electronic devices in your house and all of them are one bad surge away from being fried. You could buy 10-15 surge protectors to protect every room in your house, or you could invest in a whole home surge protector. A surge protector is not just a good idea, they’re quickly becoming a requirement in different parts of the country. It will save you money, firstly by protecting your devices and secondarily by consolidating your surge protection into one device.

New Breaker Panel

It seems like a lot of people have outdated panels and that can pose a real problem. A panel protects your house from electrical problems and fires. While you might think that your old panel is safe because it hasn’t given you any problems, you could be sorely mistaken. You may not have breakers tripping, but that doesn’t mean it’s working. A breaker panel is SUPPOSED to trip if there is a problem. Old or recalled breaker boxes may not trip when they need to, and that could cause a fire. Want to find out more about breaker boxes?

More or New Outlets

If you’re using extension cords as a permanent solution to your electrical needs, you need a new outlet. If you have too many things on one circuit, you need a new circuit. It might seem like a hassle but it’s a real safety issue. Getting a licensed electrician to put in a new circuit or more outlets can improve your home’s electrical safety. You should have an electrician test the tension on your outlets. Loose outlets are a fire hazard.

GFCI Breakers and Outlets

One of the things you most likely need are Ground Fault Breakers. These outlets are required in your home. You need them in your kitchen and garage. These are a must, no questions asked. But it is not uncommon in older homes to be missing GFCI outlets and breakers. If you’re unsure about whether or not your home has Ground Fault Breakers, call us out.

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