Downed Electrical Line Safety

Downed Electrical Line Safety

With storm season approaching we will start to notice more and more damage. A common type of problem this time of year are downed electrical lines. This can be a real danger for you and your family. Here are some things to consider for your safety.

Consider Every Downed Electrical Line To Be Live

Even if you don’t hear the line hissing, buzzing or popping a downed electrical line should be considered live and potentially dangerous. There are many people who have been harmed and even killed because they thought a downed line was dead. The safest step you can take is to treat a downed Electrical Line as a live wire.

Don’t Approach A Downed Electrical Line

In a situation with a downed line, your instinct may be to go and inspect the damage, but it is imperative that you DO NOT get close to a downed line. A downed electrical line can energize the ground up to 35 feet and in wet conditions, it can energize the ground even further. You need to make sure you do not approach a downed line regardless of your reasoning.

Electrical Line Safety

Don’t Try To Move A Downed Electrical Line

It may be tempting to move the electrical line away from your own proximity, but this is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Trying to move downed electrical line is potentially fatal. Remember we want to consider any downed line as live and dangerous. DO NOT try and move using tools, wood, rubber gloves, or other make-shift items. Do not touch or get near a downed electrical line.

It Is NOT Safe to Drive Over A Downed Electrical Line

A lot of people think that because their tires are made of rubber that a car is perfectly safe to drive over an electrical line. That is not the case, however. There are many dangers when it comes to driving over a downed line; the line could get caught in your axle or you could pull down the electrical line pole. Your car could become energized with electricity. This could prove to be fatal. For your own safety, if you see a downed line while in your car, call 911 and take a different route.

Call 911 immediately if there is a downed electrical Line.

Downed electrical line safety is a serious matter and can cause a lapse in your electrical service, you can prevent this and other interruptions with your power by having a Generac Generator installed by our helpful licensed electricians. Call now to book!

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