7 Tips to Lower Your Electric Bill

Is Your Electric Bill Too High? Here are 7 Tips to Lower Your Electric Bill

Does it seem like your electric bill just keeps getting more and more expensive each month? Well, don’t sweat it. Here are our top tips to lower your electric bill and save money.

Lower Your Electric Bill
  1. Unplug unused devices or use smart power strips.

    You’ve had your T.V. off all day, but did you know it’s still using energy? That’s right if it’s still plugged in, chances are it’s still using energy. You could go to the trouble of unplugging it every time you leave the house, or you might consider a smart power strip. These strips are designed to turn off devices that have a “stand by” mode, such as, computers, printers, tv’s, game consoles etc. All these devices use energy while they’re standing by. 

  2. Broken and outdated appliances .

    We’ve all had the fridge that was super old that we “couldn’t afford” to replace. The truth is you might be spending more than you think keeping it around. A lot of older appliances are not efficient when it comes to their energy consumption. You might be spending enough to replace that old fridge just in excess energy bills. Broken appliances can cause power surges, which are not only dangerous but can cause your bill to skyrocket. The cure is to replace these appliances. 

  3. Change your lighting lower your electric bill.

    In our day and age there are a million options when it comes to light bulbs. If you want to save 90% on your lighting fixture’s energy consumption you should consider LED bulbs. They’re more affordable than ever and they last for a very long time. As an added bonus they can save you money on your electric bill.  

  4. Stop overusing your dryer.

    As a college student I would wake up and pick out my clothes for the day (often from a laundry basket that I didn’t want to put away), my wrinkled shirt and pants were often victim of being thrown into the dryer to get the wrinkles out. Using the dryer for small loads or just overuse in general can cause your energy bill to rise. You can lower your electric bill by using the dryer as it is intended. 

  5. Ditch the spare appliances save on your electric bill.

    You may not need an extra fridge in the garage and a T.V. in every room each with a console hooked up 24:7. One of the ways to lower your electric bill is to get rid of these excess appliances and devices. You could even make some money if you sold them in a yard sale. 

  6. Stop using portable heaters and window air-conditioning units.

    It may be expensive to get your home’s heating and air fixed, but you’ll spend a significant amount of money trying to heat and cool your house with smaller units. Your best bet is to do all you can to have an HVAC professional fix your house’s central heat and air. You should also see about getting a smart control for your HVAC system. 

  7. Have an electrical inspection done.

    Sometimes it’s your out dated wiring that is the culprit. You should have a full home safety inspection done regularly (once a year) to make sure the health of your home wiring is good. They can tell you about faulty switches, overloaded outlets, and other energy exhausting issues. 

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