5 gifts you'll need an electrician for

5 Gifts You’ll Need an Electrician For

TV or Video Game Gifts

What’s one of the more popular gifts this season, that new console that no one can afford? But behind your entertainment center lurks a rats nest of electrical cables. Adding yet another cable to that mess could be dangerous. Even if you have everything plugged into a power strip you could overload the circuit. It could cause your power strip or outlet to melt, cause your breakers to start tripping; It could even start a fire. If you get a new console it might be time to have an electrician add a new outlet.

Electric Vehicle

You wake up Christmas morning to a shiny new electric vehicle! Santa has been good to you. But you’re going to need a charging station. It’s time to call up your local electrician. Most EV chargers only take a couple of hours to install, and they’re reasonably priced! After you’ve got your station you can begin to enjoy yours gifts.

Hot Tub or Pool

We’ve all thought about what we’d do with a big Christmas bonus. Some of us might want to get our family a pool or better yet a hot tub. But before you can enjoy all the family fun you’ll need to have electricity run for a pump and some lights. Don’t forget to factor that into the price. While pool companies can do many things for you, very few pool companies have someone qualified to handle electrical installation.

Appliance Gifts

Now that we’re grownups the best gifts are often practical ones. A new dryer, oven, microwave or dishwasher might be the perfect gift. But these upgrades may have special electrical requirements. You should get an electrician to make sure everything is safe and ready for your new appliances. It would be less than a happy new year if you had a new appliance disrupt your electrical service.

Video Capable Door Bells

They’re all the rage and the first line of defense against porch pirates. With online ordering doing better than ever, you need to have a way to keep thieves from poaching your goods right off your door step.  Door bells with a camera might just be the gift of the season. But if you’re getting one of these you’ll want It hardwired into your electrical system. Sometimes you’ll also want to run an ethernet cable for your security system, and electricians can do that for you too.

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