5 Electrical Upgrades to Improve Your Home's Value

5 Electrical upgrades to improve your home’s value.

Looking at your home’s value

With the housing market the way that it is, we’re all wondering about our home’s value. One of the most important ways to improve your home’s worth is electrical upgrades. Here are our top 5 electrical upgrades to add value to your home!

1. Grounding outlets:

Most older homes don’t have properly grounded outlets which is a huge fire hazard. When it comes to electrical fires outlets and poorly grounded outlets are a huge factor. This isn’t a job you’ll want to tackle yourself. But most electricians can get your outlets properly grounded in a few hours. Grounding will help keep your home safe but also help improve the worth of your home.

2. Upgrading the service panel:

Let’s face it we use a lot more power than they did in the 1960s and 70s. It makes sense to upgrade the service panel. You need more power. Your home’s value will go up with a new panel. It’s a keen selling point to have an upgraded electrical system. If you are buying a home and the electrical system hasn’t been updated since Nixon was president… you’d have second thoughts about your purchase.

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3. Installing GFCI breakers:

One of the ways you can improve the value of your home is to install GFCI breakers. These breakers will make your electrical system MUCH safer. They prevent electrical fires. This one isn’t just an improvement for your own home, but for the neighborhood. When your home is safe from fires, your neighborhood is safe from fires. It’s a win-win really.

4. Adding outlets will improve your home’s value:

If you have enough space in your breaker panel, adding outlets can help improve the worth of your home. Prospective buyers love to see easy-accessed outlets. It will also help keep you from overloading any circuits. A lot of people will buy power strips and surge protectors instead of installing new (and needed) outlets but it’s safer and improves your home’s value to add outlets instead.

5. Rewiring the home:

Some electrical systems are beyond repair. We’ve all seen the DIY shows where they remove a wall and find outdated and dangerous wiring. You might be familiar with things like Knob and Tube wiring. Well in cases like that, your best option is to rewire the home. This isn’t just a home improvement it’s in the electrical code that systems like this NEED to be replaced.

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If you’re selling your home a great selling point for buyers will be peace of mind and safety. Updating your electrical system will help you sell your home and get a great price point. Don’t put off the work until a home inspector calls you out. You don’t want to try and find an electrician last minute.

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