5 Signs it's time to call an electrician

5 Signs It’s Time to Call an Electrician in OKC

When electrical issues happen, you need the services of an electrician in OKC to avoid any minor or major mishap. Any electrical malfunction may lead to short-circuiting, hot wires, and a house fire, at worst. So, you ought to be prepared before a problem strikes.

Based on a study by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), home electrical fires lead to $1.3 billion in terms of property damages every year in the U.S. alone. In order to avoid any costly damages, it’s best to take preventive measures.

Let’s read on how:

Quick Facts About Home Electrical Fires:

  • U.S. Fire Administration states that electrical fires account for nearly 6.3% of all residential fires. A majority of these mishaps occur due to faulty wiring and overloading of electrical outlets.
  • Arcing faults or sparks due to breaks or gaps in the insulation are to blame for more than 28000 home fires that kill and injure people. It causes property damages exceeding $700 million every year.
  • Faulty electrical distribution systems are the third most significant cause of structural fires in homes.
  • In Oklahoma in the year 2016 alone, 85.7% of fire casualties resulted from residential fires.

As with any damage, prevention is better (and cheaper!) than paying for repairs. So, you should hire an experienced electrician in OKC when you see any of the following signs.

“Home electrical fires lead to $1.3 billion in property damages every year.”

5 Signs It’s Time to Call an Electrician

1. When Lights Flicker

Flickering lights are an early warning sign that your home needs an electrical inspection. This happens when there’s an overload on the home system due to multiple appliances running at the same time.

For example, an air conditioner or a refrigerator needs a substantial amount of power to run. If both appliances are fixed on a single circuit, it causes an interruption in the lighting systems. As a result, the lights flicker or dim.

Other causes of flickering lights are faulty connections with switches, inclement weather, or a bulb that’s loose in the socket. Whatever the reason, call an electrician to address these issues.

“If you see flickering or dimming lights, the overloaded electrical systems need a change.”

2. Continually Breaking Fuses

A broken fuse here or a tripped circuit breaker there isn’t a danger sign. However, when it happens often, it’s time to take stock of the situation. Fuses that blow regularly are a cause of worry. Even if you try to replace fuses, it won’t help much.

Older homes have faulty circuit breakers more often than new residences. They aren’t equipped to handle the load of electrical devices that we possess now. The overload leads to short-circuiting or starting a fire. You need a professional inspection of the circuit breakers and fuses to avoid such situations.

OKC Electrician - Electrician in OKC changing a light bulb in a kitchen

3. Burning Smell or Charred Outlets

If you notice an outlet smelling like smoke or charred wires, it means your electrical system needs attention. An electrical fire carries an acidic smell, and you should call an electrician in OKC immediately if you notice this odor.

There can be any number of reasons for a burning smell in the wires or outlets, but the most common cause is short-circuiting in the wiring.

Charred or discolored outlets are also potential signs of electrical dangers in your home. Due to faulty wiring, outlets arch and their surface chars from heat build-up. You should replace such devices immediately and call someone to check the circuits as soon as possible.

4. Warm Outlets

No matter how much power you use, the outlets shouldn’t get warm or hot to the touch. If this happens, it indicates overload on your circuits. It’s when they’re running high on demand. The condition can also lead to electrical shocks from touching a loop or switch.

You can’t ignore this situation, as it poses a severe danger to every member of your home. It might not need a complete system upgrade; however, it will need a change of wiring in some areas of your home.

“Always check wattage requirements of your light fixtures before installation.”

5. If Your Home Is More Than 20 Years Old

Homes older than 20 years are susceptible to electrical fires and emergencies more than new constructions. Outdated and old appliances, wires, circuits, and sockets are potential fire hazards. Before they strike, you should replace them.

Even if your kitchen or bathroom hasn’t been upgraded with the latest appliances, you need to watch out for any possible mishaps. In many old homes, wiring isn’t grounded, and they still work on tube wiring. These homes have two-prong plug outlets and maybe using more extension cords than needed.

Remember, such homes aren’t only vulnerable to electrical hazards, but also at risk of higher insurance rates. You need an electrical panel upgrade to minimize risks.

Statistics state that more than 1,000 people in the USA die or are injured due to electrocution every year, so messing with electrical systems can be dangerous. At the slightest hint of trouble, get in touch with a professional electrician in OKC.

Got an Electrical Problem? Call the Best Electrician in OKC!

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