5 things you need to know about surge protectors

5 Things to know about surge protectors

Surge Protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your household electrical devices. We’ve all heard horror stories of expensive TVs and game consoles burning up because of an electrical surge. A little bit of money could save you a lot of grief.

1. Surge Protectors Don’t Last Forever

Over time Surge protectors wear out. Even if you haven’t experienced a surge, they’re still constantly regulating the electricity coming through them. While some may give you a warning light when the Surge Protection is no longer working, and some may stop working altogether; many will continue to power your devices. If you have an older unit, it may not be protecting your devices anymore.

2. Surge Protectors and Power Strips are NOT the Same Thing

A lot of people will go to the big box store to buy a power strip. They are under the impression that if they use a power strip it will protect their devices from a surge. We get many calls from people who’ve experienced surge-related damage to expensive electronics plugged into power strips. There are power strips that LOOK like surge protectors. But make sure when you buy that it clearly lists Surge Protection.

3. You can Protect Your Ethernet, Phone, and Cable Connections

If you use an Ethernet cable for your internet, phone, or security system you should consider getting an Ethernet Surge Protector.  Ethernet cables carry a small amount of electricity and could surge. It would be in your best interests to invest in protection for these cables.

4. Surge Protection Often Comes with a Warranty

Talk about double the protection! Some Surge protectors come with a warranty that protects items you plug into them. Some will cover over $100,000 worth of damage to your electronics. Now that’s an incentive.

5. You can get a Whole Home Surge Protector

Many people are unaware that they can protect their whole home from a surge, and that it is very reasonable. A Licensed Electrician can add a Whole Home Surge Protector to your electrical system and greatly reduce the damages you’d expect from an electrical surge. The best part is most units are relatively inexpensive and cost only a couple of hundred dollars.

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