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Electrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma

Safe, Efficient & High-Quality

At Passion Electric, we offer specialized electrical services in Norman, Oklahoma. Whether you want to install new fixtures, upgrade your electrical components, or remodel and repair old wiring, we do it all.

Our certified electricians offer customized electrical solutions at affordable prices. Trust us to delight you with everything, from lighting solutions to sustainable alternatives.



Electrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricHome Rewire

One of the best ways to make improvements around your home is to opt for a home rewiring. Passion Electric offers residential rewiring services at cost-effective prices.

First, our licensed electricians will inspect your home. Then, they offer suggestions to improve the security of your electric components.

Many times, homeowners tend to ignore improper or insufficient wiring. As a result, you put your most valuable asset at high risk.

With Passion Electric’s services, we assure complete peace of mind. Our experts ensure proper installation and house rewiring that complies with local building codes. Updated home rewiring prevents possibilities of fires, electrical hazards or shock. We take care of complete safety for your family!


Service Panel UpgradeElectrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Your home’s electrical panel is the most important aspect of the electric system. The panel is responsible for distributing all the power in your home. We have the knowledge and experience to install and upgrade panels that can handle all the current and future needs of your property.

Our professional Norman Oklahoma electricians will visit your home and assess the number of amperes required. We then analyze your needs and your home’s electric load to determine the right meter socket and wire electrical panel upgrades.

If you want your electrical systems to hold more circuitry, we can offer the lowest quote. We resolve blown fuses, flickering lights and heated breaker switches with efficiency and expertise.

Our effective panel upgrades solutions keep your home’s electricity safe at all times.


Electrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricGenerator Installs

Did a recent tornado cause a power outage in your home? Couldn’t find an emergency electrician and had to move to a hotel? You’re not alone. Norman often witnesses extreme weather conditions. Ice storms, tornadoes and heavy winds tend to cause power outages many times in a year. Generators offer continuous electricity in times of an outage or a malfunction.

Many families tend to spend a lot on food and hotels when their power is out. Plus, the stress of finding a hot shower and meals for your kids can be overwhelming.

Passion Electric offers storm protection generators to suit your requirements. Our team can help you choose stationary or portable products that run on diesel, natural gas, gasoline or propane. With a home generator, you will always have an automatic backup in case of an electric interruption – and no more waiting for power to be up for a hot shower or a warm meal.


Surge ProtectionElectrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

An electrical surge can damage a lot more than your wires. They can ruin the expensive equipment you’ve plugged into the sockets, causing you damage worth thousands of dollars. Surges can come from indoors or outdoors. In fact, even one thunderstorm or a higher voltage can damage your appliances, electronics and even risk your safety if a fire starts. For this reason, every home needs surge protection.

Research shows that more than 60% of electrical surges occur within the home. When you shut off devices like refrigerators, hair dryers, light switches or air conditioners, a voltage spike can disrupt the electrical systems.

Our certified electrician can work with you to undertake the right steps to end surge threats. We offer a grounding system that meets stringent standards and protects your home from all risky power surges.


Electrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricInstall and Repair Outlets and Switches

Need a home outlet repair? Don’t wait too long. Along with being inconvenient and frustrating, a damaged outlet or switch can also endanger your family. Light switches are often used all through the day. Thus, they can cause wear and tear to electrical systems faster than expected.

Your comfort and safety are our highest priority at Passion Electric. Our experienced electricians ensure that your repairs and installations are up to the mark. We can fix, replace and install outlets and switches at affordable prices. We also ensure that they meet the required safety standards around your home.


Installation and Lighting RepairElectrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Looking for an affordable way to enhance your home environment? Update your fixtures, change your lighting scheme, and add some dimmer switches with the guidance of our smart team. Passion Electric offers high-quality lighting installations across Norman, Oklahoma since 2014.

From task lights in your study, ambient lights in the bedroom, and security lights on the porch, our lighting solutions serve various aesthetic and practical purposes. Beautify your house with a chandelier, recessed lighting, and outdoor lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We can also assist you with LED and low-voltage lighting for low energy consumption and high savings.


Electrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion ElectricElectrical Inspections

Worried that your electrical system isn’t up to the mark? Potential issues in your system can be hazardous and expensive, too. Even though there is a lot of DIY information online, it’s best to trust an experienced eye.

Our expert electricians can spot electrical concerns, code violations, and other problems. We give you an estimate to upgrade your system within your budget. Call us for an inspection of your system when you have any concerns. When buying a new property, always trust our experts to give you an honest opinion about the electrical systems.


Install and Repair Ceiling FansElectrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Ceiling fans are a boon in summers. Apart from adding a visual treat to your room, it also facilitates air circulation and keeps you cool. Our experienced electricians can work with all shapes and sizes of ceiling fans. Whether you want them tightened, installed, or rewired, we’re always there for you.

Along with improving air flow, ceiling fans can also reduce your energy costs during summer and winter. Passion Electric’s professional installation will ensure your ceiling fan is well-secured and balanced for silent operation. We can also install ceiling fans in your patio and outdoor areas. You can trust our electrical services experts to install or repair fans that follow the latest electrical codes and safety procedures.

Install Electric Car Charging StationElectrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

It’s time to drive into the future. Congratulations on making a sustainable choice and choosing an electric car.

As electric car owners are increasing every day, we are ready to meet the growing demands for charging station installations.

EV charging stations ensure cost savings and convenience. For this reason, our well-trained staff can install the right charging station in your homes. First, our technicians will conduct an audit of your electric throughput and recommend ideal solutions. Second, in case your home can’t handle an extra outlet, we can also upgrade the service panels at a reasonable price.

Let our experts install the charging station while you celebrate your smart and sustainable choice!

Electrical Services in Norman, Oklahoma| Passion Electric

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