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Edmond, Oklahoma Electrician

Experience the Difference with Passion Electric

Looking for reliable electricians to upgrade your service panel or home lighting? Passion Electric has the ability to deliver tailored electrical solutions. Bring new light into your home with our specialized electrical services in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Contact us today to and let one of our skilled electricians handle all of your electrical service needs!


Electrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion ElectricHome Rewire

When you’re remodeling, you might need some more outlets. Or you might even consider changing the look of your house with recessed lighting in your living room.

No matter what the change, we’ve got it all covered.  We add circuits, plugs, and switches to ensure your appliances run well and keep your home safe. We replace faulty wiring that can pose a danger to your loved ones. You can trust our expert certified electricians to do a proper installation that complies with local building codes.

Make a safe decision and let Passion Electric’s team rewire your home today!


Service Panel Upgrade Electrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion Electric

As you embrace new technologies and welcome smart devices into your home, the demand for power increases. Many older homes may need a service panel upgrade to keep up with their growing need.

If you notice flickering lights, tripping breakers, or rust on breaker switches, it’s time for a review. These symptoms may be due to malfunctioning electrical panels.

After a detailed review of your home, our experts suggest whether you need a service panel upgrade or not. Whether its the treatment of blown fuses, heated or rusted breaker switches, troubling lights, and bad breaker boxes, we’ve covered it all.

Our skills and efficiency ensure that your home’s power system is always in great shape, and keeps your family safe!


Electrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion ElectricGenerator Installation

As Edmond faces regular ice storms and tornadoes, families suffer from inclement weather’s impact on homes. You might have to move to a hotel or look for food at restaurants when you’re unable to cook. But not when Passion Electric is by your side!

Get backup power for your home for more comfort, convenience, and safety. It protects your home automatically when there’s a power outage. To this end, it delivers power to the entire electrical system or a few necessary appliances that you need.

Our experienced technicians can install home generators that run on gasoline, diesel, or natural gas and propane. Choose from stationary or portable storm generators for uninterrupted power supply.


Surge ProtectionElectrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Power surges can reduce the life of your electrical appliances and products. Sixty percent of electrical surges come from within your home. In fact, your hair dryer or air conditioner might blow out your power grid more often than a lightning strike. When you’re shutting off your motor devices, there is again the risk of inconsistent voltages.

Save your devices and your home from power fluctuations with Passion Electric. Our expert electricians will work with you and offer superior surge protection for your property. This will prevent surges from inside and outside your home. We ensure that your grounding system meets proper standards and is a safe repository for excess power.


Electrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion ElectricInstall and Repair Outlets and Switches

The maintenance and addition of outlets and switches are crucial to your safety at home. Most homeowners use switches and outlets throughout the day, causing rapid wear and tear. In fact, every time you plug or unplug a device, your electrical systems get weaker. Many outlets and switches may also give out under the stress of modern electronic appliances.

Furthermore, faulty switches and outlets can be a potential fire hazard if left unchecked.

Passion Electric is here to help. We can install new outlets in your home or repair old ones to meet your requirements. Our dependable outlets and switches meet the safety and code requirements around your home.


Installation and Lighting RepairElectrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Passion Electric offers professional lighting and repair services to transform your home into new. Create the right mood with LED lights in your living room. Unwind with dim lights in your bedroom. And enjoy a flawless kitchen with under-cabinet lights.

Due to the specifics in lighting, it is best to trust an expert with all your requirements.

Give us an opportunity to inspect your Edmond, Oklahoma home and install suitable lights. Our electricians can also repair old lights to reduce risks at home. We can magnify the beauty and functionality of every room.  At the same time, you can enjoy lower energy bills with upgraded LED lights. New ceiling fan lights can maintain your home’s temperature.  Outdoor security lights can offer immense safety. And Passion Electric can light up your property!

Electrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion ElectricElectrical Inspections

Even though electricity simplifies and enhances our life, incorrect handling poses serious threats. Your home’s electrical safety system is the most important and intricate component. There’s a lot going on behind walls that requires an inspection from time to time. Any kind of unnoticed issue can be hazardous and expensive for homeowners.

That’s why you need timely electrical inspections by Passion Electric’s team. We can recognize even the smallest problems with your electrical systems. Outdated wiring, loose connections, water leakages, and incompatible wire sizes don’t go unnoticed by our experts. We inform you about potential threats and areas of improvement. You can’t go wrong with Passion Electric’s inspection services. Relax, and let our experts bring you energy efficiency and take away your worries.


Install and Repair Ceiling FansElectrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Who wouldn’t like more air movement in their homes? Especially when it’s hot outside, a ceiling fan can keep your home cool. A well-installed ceiling fan enriches your home’s beauty while enhancing air circulation. At Passion Electric, we install, repair, wire, and re-wire fans of all shapes, models, and sizes, this is just one of many of the different electrical services we offer.

Ceiling fans can be an attractive and useful alternative to air conditioning. They reduce energy costs during summer and winter. We help you find the right fan based on the voltage requirements, number of blades, and the look. Our installation offers extended comfort and cooling to your family.

Install an Electric Car Charging Station

You’ve made the smart choice in buying a sustainable vehicle. It’s now time to go ahead and install an EV charging station at your house.

Our licensed electricians understand the throughput in your home when we first come to audit your electrical supply. However, before proceeding with any installation, we see whether or not a specific home’s wiring can support the additional demand.

For example, a skinny extension cord or flaky power outlet can increase the risk of electrical fire. If your home isn’t equipped to handle an extra outlet, we will upgrade your service panel. If you need extra wiring, we will do it for you.

Electrical Services Edmond Oklahoma | Passion Electric

Additional steps include:

  • Whether a Level 1 or Level 2 charging is suitable for you;
  • Finding the best location for the equipment;
  • Choosing the specific brand of station you wish to use that aligns with your equipment;
  • If desired, installation of a 240-volt line to an area below the charging station;
  • Ensuring that the new circuit has a capability of 50 Amps for best results;
  • Having an electrician install a socket (A NEMA 6-50 is used in the majority of charging states that are not hard-wired); and
  • Installing the equipment after the garage is properly wired.

We also look at the viability of installing the charger close to the garage door in order to be able to charge a vehicle in the driveway when necessary.

You will find great savings, convenience, and a hassle-free installation with Passion Electric.

Electrical Services in Edmond, Oklahoma | Passion Electric

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