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Cut Your Energy Bills in 2020 with these New Year’s Resolutions

Cut Your Energy Bills in 2020 with these New Year’s Resolutions

The certified experts at Passion Electric are fresh from the new year and ready to impart some more great advice! Looking to set a resolution that is easy to keep, and puts cash directly back into your wallet? As electric specialists, we naturally know lots of ways to use energy, but we also know some cool ways to not use electricity too!

Resolutions For Reducing Energy Bills

We’re not going to suggest anything as radical as a solar energy overhaul (though, that would certainly help!), and most of these resolutions are simple behavior changes or little fixes. So follow along, and you just may find yourself with a lower electric bill this month!

Evening checklist.

Get into the habit of going over your home every evening and turning off all the lights. This might seem self-explanatory, but it’s worth starting with the basics just in case! Shut off unneeded lights, turn down the heating or cooling systems, unplug electronics, and anything similar. Many homes continue to use energy even when no one is even awake to need it! This can cost loads of unnecessary energy costs.

Close doors.

Heating and cooling account for the majority of energy use in all homes and businesses. This cost can be offset a bit by simply closing doors to unvented rooms. These would include closets, unvented utility rooms, and storage space. If the door is open, your system is working to heat or cool that too, adding to its load and increasing the energy used by a surprising amount.

Cut Your energy bill in 2020

Resolve to stop leeching.

Unfamiliar with electrical appliance leeching? Unfortunately, most appliances continue to use a measure of electricity even when shut off. This is called leeching, and it can cost a lot of money over time. The biggest appliances at fault here are televisions (plasma and flat screens being the worst), phone chargers, and portable heaters. If you aren’t using it, unplug it! It can save you a ton of money over the long term.

Update your home.

In the case of spending money to save money, removing or replacing outdated appliances can save tons on your electric bill in the future. Technology moves fast, so that ten-year-old fridge may still be trucking along, but it’s likely it uses many times more energy than a newer one.

Swap to energy-efficient lighting.

Making the switch from incandescent bulbs to LED takes little more than a trip to your local hardware store, and can mean all the difference in the world for your electric bill. If you’re curious, we’ve given the full lowdown on this topic in a previous post.

Hire professionals to check and maintain your equipment.

Electrical specialists, heating and cooling professionals and a professional plumber can do wonders for your home. Properly maintained equipment reduces the energy used to operate them and reduces or completely removes the risk of costly breakdowns and replacements. You can get a full home inspection from Passion Electric! 

Save Energy, Time, and Money with Passion Electric

We don’t claim to have all of the answers, but you can be sure we do our best to know everything there is to know about electricity! If you’re interested in learning how the professionals at Passion can assist you in reducing your energy bill, contact us today!

At Passion, our master electricians have been providing the very best in service, skill, and technology for years. It is our endless goal to bring our consumers the highest quality solutions to meet their every energy need. For electrical service you can trust, call on Passion!

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