5 Electrical upgrades to improve your home’s value.

5 Electrical Upgrades to Improve Your Home's Value

Looking at your home’s value With the housing market the way that it is, we’re all wondering about our home’s value. One of the most important ways to improve your home’s worth are electrical upgrades. Here are our top 5 electrical upgrades to add value to your home! 1.Grounding outlets: Most older homes don’t have […]

4 Most Common Electrical Needs

4 Most Common Electrical Needs

Your home has a lot of Electrical needs. Here are our top 4 needs that seem to go unaddressed in many homes. Whole Home Surge Protector You have a lot of electronic devices in your house and all of them are one bad surge away from being fried. You could buy 10-15 surge protectors to […]

5 Things to know about surge protectors

5 things you need to know about surge protectors

Surge Protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your household electrical devices. We’ve all heard horror stories of expensive TVs and game consoles burning up because of an electrical surge. A little bit of money could save you a lot of grief. 1. Surge Protectors Don’t Last Forever Over time Surge protectors wear out. Even […]

5 Gifts You’ll Need an Electrician For

5 gifts you'll need an electrician for

TV or Video Game Gifts What’s one of the more popular gifts this season, that new console that no one can afford? But behind your entertainment center lurks a rats nest of electrical cables. Adding yet another cable to that mess could be dangerous. Even if you have everything plugged into a power strip you […]

Weather Damage Electrical Problems

Weather Damage Electric Problems

There are many ways your electrical system can be damaged by weather. Most weather damage is serious and needs IMMEDIATE repair. Sometimes your damage will not interrupt your service. You may have power and it might be working “like it always did” but it could be dangerous. After a storm, there are some things you […]

Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Electrician

Permits and inspections One reason to hire an electrician that you probably haven’t thought about is for permits and inspections. You might think permits and inspections aren’t important. They are, however, hugely important. In many scenarios electrical providers won’t turn your power on unless you’ve had an inspection and had permits pulled. When your power […]

4 Reasons To Get An Electric Vehicle (EV)

4 reasons to buy an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles (EV) have come a long way since their initial introduction. With companies like Tesla dominating the market and Volkswagen (the second largest car manufacturer in the world) releasing new Electric Vehicles every year, it seems like this fad may become the norm. Maybe you still need convincing. Well here are our top 4 […]

What Does It Take To Be An Electrician?

What does it take to become an electrician

Considering a career change? Fresh out of High School looking for a rewarding vocation? Becoming a licensed journeyman is not only rewarding monetarily but emotionally. Electricians are a vital part of our communities. Long gone are the days of DIY electrical, and for good reason. Journeymen not only protect the families inside the home but […]

Microwave Sickness?


EMFs and Microwaves Sickness? There’s a great deal of rising concern around Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) and how they are affecting our health and life. There are three types of EMFs; Electric Fields (EFs), Magnetic Fields (MFs), and Radio Frequencies (RFs). Each of these are energy waves produced by electricity and electronic devices. A great […]

Understanding EMFs

Understanding EMFs

Understanding EMFs – Radiation In our Homes and How to Limit Them What are EMF’s? EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Field and is a type of radiation created by the flow of electricity at different frequencies through electrical devices and wiring. These fields are surrounding us and are created by multiple sources. What are the […]