Downed Electrical Line Safety


Downed Electrical Line Safety With storm season approaching we will start to notice more and more damage. A common type of problem this time of year are downed electrical lines. This can be a real danger for you and your family. Here are some things to consider for your safety. Consider Every Downed Electrical Line […]

3 Electrical Panel Brands That NEED An Upgrade

3 panel brands that need an upgrade

Do you need a Panel Upgrade? Your panel is obviously an important part of a healthy home wiring. If you’re not for sure if your panel is safe you need to have a licensed electrician come and take a look at it. Here are three Panel brands that will most likely need an upgrade. What […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Call an Electrician in OKC

5 Signs it's time to call an electrician

When electrical issues happen, you need the services of an electrician in OKC to avoid any minor or major mishap. Any electrical malfunction may lead to short-circuiting, hot wires, and a house fire, at worst. So, you ought to be prepared before a problem strikes. Based on a study by the Electrical Safety Foundation International […]

How to Change a Breaker – Should I call an Electrician?

Should I change a breaker without an electrician?

Live in Oklahoma and need help with your breaker? If you need to know how to change a breaker, googling “electrician OKC” might be a better solution for staying worry-free. You can let the professionals take care of it. Or maybe, you think you have the skills to solve this yourself. Can you fix a breaker that […]