Electrical DIY Don'ts

3 Electrical DIY Don’ts

Electrical DIY is all the rage. With the economy reeling right now DIY projects can save you some money. But some projects are too dangerous, expensive or time consuming to do yourself. For most Electrical DIY it is against city codes. As a rule, cities expect only licensed electricians to make any electrical repairs or installations. Most cities have a hefty fine for infractions of these codes, some fines are over $100,000. Here are 3 repairs you might be tempted to tackle, that could cost you more than hiring a licensed professional.

Changing a breaker

It’s anything but a simple job to change out a breaker. Changing out a breaker may seem like an easy job; one that online searches call a “breeze”. What they don’t tell you is, making small mistakes in the removal and replacement of a circuit breaker can be fatal. Not to mention the wrong size breaker can cause fires. For your safety call an electrician.

Replacing an outlet

Your grandpa did it, your dad did it and they were fine right? “Most electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets and old, outdated appliances” Says firerecruit.com. While you may have seen it done successfully, and you may be confident in your abilities it is still a real danger to change out outlets for yourself. This is one DIY you’ll want to skip. There are several mistakes you could make that are dangerous to you, your family and your home’s wiring. Please make sure you get a licensed electrician to take care of it.   

Electrical DIY light fixtures

According to NFPA “Lighting equipment was the third leading form of equipment involved in fires in U.S. homes”. Most of these were because of improper installations. It may seem like something you can DIY. I mean if you’ve watched a bunch of home improvement shows they make it seem so straight forward. While its true a new light fixture can drastically change the look of your room, it needs to be properly installed by a qualified electrician.

We get it. It can be cheaper to do something yourself, but you’re risking a lot; not to mention breaking city ordinances. If you want peace of mind you need to hire a licensed electrician to take care of your needs.

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